At Crossings, we offer a personalised approach to the constantly evolving landscape of workspace solutions. Our goal is to provide a collaborative space for all businesses to grow and expand by benefiting from the beautiful space, the professional atmosphere, and the numerous amenities at Crossings.

Move in Ready

All of our office spaces are newly renovated and fully furnished, so they are ready for you and your team.

Professional Environment

At Crossings, you will be sharing common areas, conference rooms and lounges with like-minded people, people who are as committed to success as you are and can help you reach your goals with ease.

Member Benefits

Being a member of the Crossings community allows you access to multiple amenities, including high speed internet, on-site management, cleaning services, reception areas, and private parking lots.

All Inclusive

When you choose to become a part of Crossings, you are choosing to be part of a highly professional, success-driven environment, while gaining access to networking opportunities and state of the art amenities.

Centrally Located

Crossings is located at Cross St. and Prospect in Lakewood. This location was chosen with commuters in mind, as it provides easy access to Route 70 and the Garden State Parkway.

Amenities and Conveniences

At Crossings, you will have access to state of the art amenities and conveniences, including newly furnished and beautifully renovated office spaces, each office individually temperature controlled, a fully stocked kitchenette, fresh coffee and food, and private entrances to your personal workspace.